Funeral Arrangements and Cremation Services

Fuller-Speckien-Hulke Funeral Home provides funeral and cremation services to families of all faiths in the Eau Claire area.

We understand that taking care of final arrangements can be confusing and overwhelming. From the time a death of your loved one occurs, we are here to help you with everything from the flowers and service location, to the food served, casket selection, and cremation options.

We take care of all of the details so that you can give your full attention to your family.

What to Do When a Death Occurs

When a death occurs, call the funeral home directly at (715) 832-5002 and inform us that a death has occurred. If the death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, you must inform the nursing staff that you authorize release of the deceased to Fuller-Speckien-Hulke Funeral Home. They should, then inform the funeral home of the death.

If the death occurs at home and the patient is a registered Hospice patient, the Hospice nurse will also inform the funeral home at the time of death.

When there has been an unexpected death at a hospital, home or workplace, the County Medical Examiner will be notified by the local police department and/or hospital. After contact with the medical examiner, you will also need to authorize release of the deceased to our funeral home.

In the event your loved one passed away while out of town or state, please call our funeral home first and we will make arrangements to have your loved one transported back to Eau Claire.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead. It's one of the best gifts to give your family. Take time today to pre-plan your funeral and give your family peace of mind knowing they carried out your wishes. It's easy to get started.

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Funeral Arrangements

Funeral arrangements usually take place a short time after the time of death at our funeral home or at your residence, wherever you are most comfortable. When we meet, please bring the following items if you have them available:

  • Recent photograph
  • Clothing (including under-garments)
  • Important vital information for the death certificate (see First Information Form)
  • Obituary Information
  • Cemetery Information
  • Discharge Papers (If a Veteran, form DD-214)

First Information Form

Please complete this form after contacting us about a death. This will help us to be more efficient and accurate in your wishes.

Download Form

At the time of arrangement, you will also be selecting the type of service that you feel that you and your family are most comfortable with. This may be a traditional funeral service, cremation with memorial service, or body donation. We are here to serve you and your family, and to assist you in any way we can to make sure that your loved one's wishes will be followed.

The Traditional Funeral Service

For a traditional funeral service, you will select a casket, an outer burial container or vault (if required by the cemetery), the design for the memorial folders, flowers, and music. The service day and time that you select will also depend upon the availability of the church and the cemetery on that day.

Before the Funeral Service Begins

If the funeral service is taking place at a location other than the funeral home, the funeral home staff will transport all flowers, pictures, etc. to the church or place of service. It is customary to have a one-hour visitation at the church before the service. Just before the service, the family will have the opportunity to say their final farewells and the casket will be closed by our staff. A small prayer service for the family is usually conducted, and the family and the casket proceed into the church.

You will have met with the clergy member prior to the service, where you will have arranged for readings, music and the type of service that your clergy member will perform.

The Visitation

The visitation allows family and friends time to gather and grieve, talk about cherished memories and special moments, and gives others who cannot make the actual funeral service a chance to visit. Most importantly, it allows some time between the visitation and the actual funeral service for those who need extra time in accepting the fact that the death has really happened.

When should we hold the visitation?

We encourage our families to have a visitation at the funeral home the night before the service. For some families, the visitation and the funeral service can be conducted in the same day. A visitation can be arranged generally for 1 hour before the time of service. This can be done at the funeral home or the church, followed by the service and interment at the cemetery.

Photos and Video Memorials

As an additional remembrance, we will be happy to provide you with large memory boards for picture collages or a memorial video in your loved one's memory. One complimentary video is given to the family, with additional copies available for a small charge.

Learn more about Memory Portraits

Burial and Graveside Services at the Cemetery

When the service has ended, the funeral director will direct the pallbearers to guide the casket from the church, followed directly by family members. The casket will then be placed into the funeral coach and a funeral procession will go from the church to the cemetery.

At the cemetery, the casket bearers will remove the casket from the funeral coach and place the casket upon the lowering device that has been set upon the grave. When family and friends have gathered around the graveside, final words will be said, and the service is complete.

The casket will not be lowered until everyone has left the cemetery, except for a member of the funeral home staff who will stay until this has been completed. This would conclude the interment. If a luncheon has been arranged, family and friends would then proceed to the luncheon.

Fuller-Speckien-Hulke Funeral Home will also help you choose a monument or marker for the gravesite and what you want to have engraved.

Post-Service Luncheon

Following the services, many families choose to have a funeral luncheon. Our staff will organize the lunch with the proper church or gathering space. The price for lunch may vary depending on how many will be served at the luncheon and what entrees your family prefers.

Cremation Services

At the time of arrangements our staff will work with you in selecting the cremation services that you feel appropriate for your loved one. The two most common services chosen by families are traditional visitation and funeral services followed by a cremation (rather than earth burial), or a direct cremation with a memorial service to follow. Some families prefer direct cremation with no services.

Fuller-Speckien-Hulke Funeral Home offers a complete variety of options when cremation is preferred. Experience teaches us that families choosing cremation can and should design a service honoring the wishes of someone for cremation while allowing their friends and neighbors the opportunity to support the surviving family members. A visitation, reception, or private family viewing is usually scheduled in our facilities or at your church. Services are held before or after cremation, with or without the body present, with or without the cremated remains present. Services are held in our chapel, your church, or at graveside.

Please note that in the case of cremation there are certain legal documents we will need signed by the closest living relative. Also, in the state of Wisconsin, cremations cannot take place until 48 hours after the time of death of the deceased. A doctor must have also signed the death certificate and the coroner must also approve the cremation before cremation can occur.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a form of final disposition. The body is reduced by intense heat to its inorganic elements. These inorganic elements are processed after the cremation, then returned to the family in their choice of urn or enclosure for final placement. Final placement is usually in a cemetery and many final placement options are available. Prior to cremation, the body can be embalmed, dressed, and prepared for visitation or viewing. The body is placed in either a cremation container, cremation casket, or casket for identification, viewing, visitation, or services.

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Body Donation to Medical Facility

Thereis no charge for tissue and organ donations. However, a body donation usually requires the involvement of a funeral home. This fee includes local removal and transfer of the remains to the funeral home. In some cases the removal fee and transportation will be paid by the medical facility accepting the donation. This also includes coordination of all parties involved, preparation of the body for donation, filing and securing necessary paperwork, funeral planning, preparation and submitting obituary and obtaining authorizations and consent. Cremation is typically the final disposition following the donation. Depending on the location of the medical school, A cremation permit from the county of death will be needed. Eau Claire county waives the fee for this permit when Body Donation is selected.

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